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Buy, rent or commission art for your offices

Thinking about art for your office or workplace? Maybe you’ve just moved or refurbished your premises or perhaps you just have lots of blank walls. You might be looking for a new and different way to support your local community. Niamba’s can help you reap the benefits of introducing art into your workplace.

Niamba’s provides complimentary and art advisory services for trade associates, corporations, and institutions. Our commitment is to partner with you to find outstanding artworks for you, while also helping you meet budget and overall design concept goals. 

Benefits of Art on a business

Art can serve to benefit a business on many levels, specifically to the workforce and clients. Art has an intrinsic value, enabling us to process life on the deepest level. It can enhance our well-being and health, whilst increasing productivity. Numerous studies have shown that art can help us remain calm, reduce stress and refresh us on a daily basis. 

Studies have again and again proved the huge benefits that collecting and commissioning art can have on a business. The immediate advantage is the image that well placed, quality art conveys not only to the stakeholders of a company, but to staff, customers, suppliers and the wider community. The inclusion of art and therefore the support of local artists can also contribute to corporate social responsibility objectives and enhance your company’s reputation in the community.

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