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Before you can bid, you must log in. First time users will need to sign up 

Your details are completely safe and will be used for payment of any successful lots. After you’ve registered, bids can be submitted online at any time for the duration of the auction. Niambas.com Timed Auctions last two weeks most of the time.



Place your bids and follow the progress of the auction. Each bid shall be binding as soon as you click the Bid button.


If you are unable to bid personally during the auction you can make an absentee bid (auto bidding). Select the Lot you would like to bid on and follow the instructions. You will be notified by email if you are successful. 


If your bid is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the bidding price, plus the buyer’s premium as well as any applicable taxes, payment instructions, location of your property, shipping information. You can then select your payment method and pay securely through Niambas.com. Your property is shipped to the address you provided during your registration process within 3 days of receiving your payment.

Good News: No buyers premium until the January 2023



Items are for sale over a pre-determined period usually over several days or weeks. Place your bids for your desired item and follow the progress of the auction until it ends. The highest bidder at the end wins the auction. You can also buy before the end of the auction by clicking the Buy now button and follow the instructions.


Before submitting an order, the buyer will be informed regarding the total price including the Buyer’s Premium, VAT, the Contribution to the Resale Royalty Right (if required), the packaging, the shipping and shipping Insurance Costs.


If your bid is successful, you’ll receive shortly, a confirmation email containing an invoice with: The hammer price plus the buyer’s premium as well as any applicable taxes, payment instructions, location of your property, Shipping information. After the winning bid, Successful bidders must log in to their account and can choose to pay via debit / credit card or PayPal. 


Property is shipped to the address you provided during your registration process within 3 days of receiving your payment. The winning bidder will be responsible for handling and shipping cost to his delivery address. Please make sure to check each item’s location before bidding.


The Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) entitles creators (‘authors’) of original works of art (including paintings, engravings, sculpture and ceramics) to a royalty each time one of their works is resold through an auction house or art market professional. The right to this royalty lasts for the same period as copyright, so since January 2012 ARR has applied to qualifying works by artists who have been dead for less than 70 years.


Some sales are exempt. For example, where the work being resold was bought directly from the artist less than three years previously and it is being resold for €10,000 or less. This is generally known as the ‘bought as stock exception’. Calculation of royalties ARR derives from a European Directive and came into force in the UK in 2006. The right only applies when the sale price reaches or exceeds the sterling equivalent of €1,000 and is calculated on a sliding scale. Royalty Resale price 4% up to €50,000     

3% between €50,000.01 and €200,00

1% between €200,000.01 and €350,000

0.5% between €350,000.01 and €500,000

0.25% in excess of €500,000

Royalties are also capped so that the total amount of the royalty paid for any single sale of a work cannot exceed €12,500. ARR is exempt of VAT.


Private Sales are discreet and provides a special and additional service to buyers, sellers and collectors. Niamba’s can help source a specific item at a fixed price and facilitate a sale discreetly outside the auctions. Our network of specialists works with, both sellers and buyers to offer advice on private sale strategies and help you to shape your collection. Collectors or occasional buyers are welcome to approach our specialist with an item they are looking for and they will be happy to help.


A condition report is the review of a lot. It is a guideline outlining the auctioneer’s opinion on the condition of the item. It includes any aesthetic damage (cracks, chips, marks, tears or holes in paintings, scratches). Any areas of restoration (parts of the item, which may have been restored in its lifetime), repair and age-related faults. Niamba’s return policy Items that are sold “as is” cannot be returned by a winning bidder. Items will be inspected before refund is issued and must be the same items and in the same condition they were shipped.

Refunds will be given in the manner the original payment was made. (By credit card payment, the return will go to the credit card; a check payment will be by check).         

A refund must be requested to the seller within three weeks, and items are to be returned within four weeks. The refund will be issued for the winning bid only; not shipping and handling fees. The bidder is responsible for return shipping costs.

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